Activities in the Aosta Valley

Spring come, we must blossom

It’s true, March has just begun. But we are claiming the right to appeal to spring already. This is the moment of the year when awakening is near, you can see it, it tickles our sense of wonder: the sun that warms your arms, begins to take off your jacket, to walk lighter; the first flowers that appear on your path one still cold morning – in a few months you will hardly notice the flower beds, but today those few colored petals seem like a miracle. The first lunches on the balcony, the first books read on the lawn, the first lunch breaks in the park. Yes, we want to celebrate this awakening not yet completed, enjoy its promises, plant the first seeds and already dream of its scent: we need wonder, hope, indomitable flowering. We need spring, we want to blossom again: walk among flowers and gardens, botanical gardens and flowered balconies. The flowers are closer than you think, you can start dreaming of them: with them you will blossom too, one petal at a time

Sport and Relax

A few kilometers from home is one of the GOLF courses in the Aosta Valley. Even closer is a riding stable for horseback riding. You can rent mountain bikes and travel long kilometers between paths and woods with tracks from simple to technical.

Fair of “Saint Ours”

Since more than a thousand years, on the 30th and 31st of January occurs, along the streets of the historical centre of Aosta, the Fair of Saint Ours. Every year near 1000 exhibitors show their works, some of which are real masterpieces.
At the Fair you can find all the products of the traditional and local arts: sculptures, carvings, laces, wicker baskets, wrought ironworks and stoneworks and so on.

Moreover, during the two-days Fair is possible to taste the best gastronomic and wine-making products of Aosta Valley. The Fair goes on with the “Veillà” (the waking between the 30th and the 31st): all the streets of the historical centre are lit, crowded and pervaded by folk music and the fragrances of the products to taste.

Fiera di Sant'Orso Aosta


In Aosta Valley, during the Middle Ages, were built more than one hundred buildings among towers and castles; some of those are still well-preserved and inside them are kept beautiful frescoes and original furnishings.
The castles:

  • Castle of Sarre
  • Castle of Saint-Pierre
  • Castle of Sarriod di La Tour
  • Castle of Fénis
  • Castle of Ussel
  • Castle of Verrès
  • Castle of Issogne
  • Fort of Bard
I Castelli

Roman Aosta

Aosta is a Roman town which was founded in 25 B.C. with the name of Augusta Praetoria. Nowadays, the town still keeps several Roman as weel as medieval monuments.

All along the historical Centre, you can admire:

  • the Arch of Augusto
  • the collegiate church of Saint Ours
  • the little deconsecrated church of Saint Lorenzo
  • the Praetoria Door
  • the Fromage Tower
  • the Roman Theatre
  • the Tower of “Lebbroso”
  • the Castle of Bramafan

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Aosta Romana - Teatro romano

Rafting on the Dora Baltea

Considered the “paradise” of river activities, the course of the Dora Baltea offers tourists the opportunity to experience adrenaline-pumping and fun disciplines such as rafting (exciting descent of rapids on rubber dinghies) in close contact with nature. Along the river, which crosses the region, in addition to rafting it is also possible to practice kayaking, canoeing, canyoning and hydrospeed.

Green – Golf in the land of peaks

The charm of the Aosta Valley and its mountains is fascinating and the golf courses in the region offer endless possibilities. To improve your swing and discover truly new tourist and gastronomic curiosities.